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Community Services Block Grant Discretionary Awards_Community Food and Nutrition

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

Possible uses and use restrictions...

(1) States receive Community Food and Nutrition funds for Statewide Community Food and Nutrition initiatives, which must be subgranted to eligible agencies. (2) Federal funds are competitively-awarded to eligible agencies for statewide and local program activities which address one or more of the above objectives and also include outreach and public education efforts designed to inform low-income individuals and displaced workers of the nutrition services available to them under the various federally-assisted nutrition programs. Of the amounts appropriated, 60 percent is for allotment by statutory formula to eligible agencies for statewide programs, and 40 percent is available for competitive awards to eligible agencies for local and statewide programs. (3) Projects must result in direct benefits targeted toward low-income individuals as defined in the most recent "Annual Update of Poverty Income Guidelines," published in the Federal Register and www.grants. gov. (4) Projects are normally funded for 1 year and each project will have an expiration date; however, at the Director's discretion, competitively-awarded grants may support projects for shorter or longer periods, i.e., up to 17 months. (5) States may not use their formula grant supplement for State-level administrative costs.