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Community Services Block Grant Discretionary Awards_Community Food and Nutrition

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

Criteria for selecting proposals...

(1) Formula Grants: Based on a complete application which addressed the objectives contained in this submission. (2) The rating criteria for competitively-awarded direct grants are as follows: (a) analysis of needs (target area/population to be served, nature and extent of problem adequately described and documented); (b) adequacy of work program (specific, measurable goals appropriately related to needs, adequately described activities appropriately related to goals); (c) significant and beneficial impact (significantly improved or increased nutrition services for low-income individuals, significant leverage or mobilization of funds, the enhancement of existing outreach activity, and either addresses a one-time problem or can be continued with nonfederal resources); (d) implementation coordinated with other organizations to avoid duplication and improve service delivery; (e) ability of applicant to perform (successful past experience in operation nutrition-related activities, and quality of staff); and (f) adequacy of the proposed budget.